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January 20-26, 2018 Atlanta, GA USA NeoPREP - An Intensive Review and Update of Neonatal/Perinatal Medicine, Sponsored by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the AAP Section on Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine
January 31 - February 3, 2018 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam CSI Asia Pacific
February 9-10, 2018 Utrecht, The Netherlands The 5th 'Utrecht Sessions' for Congenital Heart Disease: 'A 40 year experience in Transposition of the Great Arteries'
February 9-11, 2018 Valencia, Spain International Congress on Hypertension in Children and Adolescence
February 19-20, 2018 Paris, France 5th International Conference on Pediatics and Pediatric Cardiology
“Accentuating challenges on potential outcomes in Pediatric Cardiology research”
February 21-25, 2018 Orlando, FL USA CARDIOLOGY 2018
Feb 28 - Mar 2, 2018 London, UK Hands-on Cardiac Morphology
March 10-12, 2018 Orlando, FL USA American College of Cardiology Annual Scientific Session 2018
March 22-24, 2018 Fort Worth, TX USA Third Annual NeoHeart Conference by the Neonatal Heart Society
April 14-15, 2018 Stanford, CA USA Stanford Pulmonary Artery Reconstruction and Right Ventricle Rehabilitation Symposium
April 15-17, 2018 Philadelphia, PA USA Echocardiography of Congenital Heart Disease
April 19-21, 2018 Atlanta, GA USA EPIC-SEC (Emory Practical Intervention Course 
- Southeastern Consortium)
May 9-12, 2018 Athens, Greece 52nd Annual Meeting of the Association for European Paediatric and Congenital Cardiology
May 18-19, 2018 Memphis, TN USA International PDA Symposium - designed to encompass State-of-the-Art practices on how to keep the patent ductus arterioles (PDA) open and closure of the PDA in newborns with a special focus on transcatheter PDA occlusions in Extremely Low Birth Weight (ELBW) infants. 
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May 30-31, 2018 Osaka, Japan 21st Annual Congress on Neonatology & Pediatrics
May 31 – June 1, 2018 (Dates To Be Confirmed); London, UK Effective Prenatal Screening of Congenital Heart Disease
June 6-8, 2018 Kansas City, MO USA 7th Annual Scientific Sessions of the Cardiac Neurodevelopmental Outcome Collaborative (CNOC) in collaboration with Children's Mercy Kansas City
June 12 -14, 2018 London, UK Echocardiography for Congenital Heart Disease
June 22-26, 2018 Nashville, TN USA ASE 2018 Scientific Sessions
June 27- July 3, 2018 Frankfurt, Germany CSI, Imaging & Innovation
July 22-26, 2018 Orlando, FL 18th Annual International Symposium on Congenital Heart Disease hosts the 6th Scientific Meeting of the World Society for Pediatric and Congenital Heart Surgery
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August 9-11, 2018 Abu Dhabi, UAE 28th International Conference on Cardiology and Healthcare Cardiology Meetings - Sharing the Vision in Cardiology and Healthcare Research
Aug. 13-17, 2018 Chicago, IL USA American Academy of Pediatrics Specialty Review in Pediatric Cardiology Course 
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August 19-24, 2018 Dana Point, CA USA 2018 Pediatric and Adult Congenital Cardiology Review Course
September 5-8, 2018 Las Vegas, NV USA PICS~AICS 2018
September 22 - 23, 2018 Berlin, Germany Congenital Shunt Lesions - Anything New to Consider? 14th DHZB Lange Symposium
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Pediatric Cardiology & 
Heart Failure
Hong Kong


25 a 27 de Outubro de 2017
Dr. Walter Villela de Andrade Vicente - Presidente
Dr. Fernando Amaral
Dr. Paulo Henrique Manso
Dr. Ricardo Nilson Sgarbieri
Hotel JP - Rodovia Anhanguera, Km 306,5
Riberão Preto / SP / Brasil

27th International ACHD Advanced Symposium, 2017
14 a 16 de Setembro, 14-16, 2017, Cincinnati, EUA

33rd Annual Echocardiography in Pediatric and Adult Congenital Heart Disease Symposium
8 a 11 de Outubro, 2017, Rochester, EUA

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